Custom Retaining Wall Stones Steps Landscaping Project mississauga 1

Retaining walls can protect against shifting and moving earth which can be hazardous, while also reducing the chances that erosion from elements such as water or wind will cause problems like cracks in dirt or even a landslide in more extreme cases. We strive to create a beautiful and protected property that you can enjoy for years to come.

When the homeowner of this Mississauga property saw the potential they had with their large, wide lot and long driveway, they decided to seek out only the best landscaping services in Mississauga. The Landscape Design Toronto team was quick to answer the call, and developed a customized 3D design plan along with a comprehensive project schedule. Confident in our team of professionals, they gave us the go ahead – soon enough heavy machinery was on site preparing the designated area ready for installation. With years of expertise under our belt and thousands of pounds of stones ready to be placed, we made sure to give them just what they wanted within days.

We created a beautiful and secure side sitting area with the help of our expertly crafted retaining wall. An added bonus was the long stone steps leading up to the front door which completed the look, leaving this customer amazed at our work. If you’re looking to transform your home with custom landscaping that exceeds expectations, don’t hesitate – get in touch with us today and start designing your dream project.

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