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Customized hardscape solutions construction company in the GTA to align with your vision and complement the existing landscape.

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Hardscape Design Company

Unlike landscaping, which mainly involves the use of plants and vegetation, hardscaping encompasses everything from patios, pathways, and driveways, to retaining walls, water features, and outdoor kitchens. Hardscaping has become increasingly popular among homeowners and property owners in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether it’s creating a serene garden patio or constructing a striking retaining wall, hardscaping offers endless possibilities for customization and personalization. Our hardscape designers can recommend the best materials for your project, ensuring durability and longevity. We possess specialized knowledge in consultation, design, and installation of hardscape systems. 

Here’s what you can expect from our hardscape contracting team:

  • A completely free in-home estimate
  • Experienced and trained professionals
  • Affordable and fair rates
  • Comprehensive landscape design and permit services
  • Limited warranty on labour (Up to 5 years)

Our Clients Testimonials

“Since the beginning John was amazing – responsive, patience, and did exactly what promised. And the quality? WOW! Even better than I expected. I highly recommend the company and will definitely have them back here to finish the posts once construction is completed.” – JCM

“Very easy going ,professional working personal. This team knows their business and gets things done in timely manner. Couldn’t be happier with their service!” – Svitlana


“Everyone on the team treated our home with care as they were manually moving all the bricks, stones, dirt and cement by hand. I cannot believe how amazing our yard looks and it was truly due to the quality and knowledge and expertise of John, Eugene and their team.” – Jared

“Highly recommend this company for any landscaping services! They definitively worth a call, professional and friendly customer service and wide range of services.” – Shahira


“We are very happy with Action Home Services, and would highly recommend them for anyone looking to make improvements around their home. If we had another project in the future, we would definitely reach out to them again.” – Shakalistic

Amazing company to work with… everyone is polite and professional and cares about your house like it is their own house. We did a massive reno in a small backyard and added a pool. Would not hesitate to use again and recommend to friends and family” – Asiya


Hardscape Landscaping Process

hardscaping contractors GTA

Initial Consultation

Our hardscape construction company offers an initial hardscape design consultation to create a personalized outdoor space. We prioritize tailored approaches to outdoor design, ensuring your unique needs and desires are met. It extends your home, providing relaxation, recreation, and connection with nature. Our expert team evaluates factors like topography, soil conditions, drainage, and existing vegetation. Hardscape analysis is crucial, aided by advanced tools like 3D mapping, soil testing, and drone surveys.

Our comprehensive process begins with understanding your property’s conditions and your vision. Through attentive listening, we create a hardscape design that reflects your style. Schedule your consultation today to start your journey towards your dream outdoor space.

Budgeting & Timeline

From the initial design concept development to the construction and installation process, we strive for excellence in every step of the way. Our dedicated team will work closely with you, ensuring that the project stays within budget and is completed on time.

Hardscaping contractor costs may vary. When we plan a hardscape project, we consider the costs associated with the size and complexity of the project, the choice of materials, site preparation and accessibility, and additional features and customization. The good practice is to understand the factors influencing hardscaping contractor pricing can help you plan and budget for your project effectively.

Garden hardscaping contractors GTA
Hardscaping Design Contractor Toronto

Agree On Design

The hardscape design process comprises 3 design elements – Planning, Visualization, and Customized Solutions. Our landscape designers keep up with the latest hardscaping trends and innovations to offer unique hardscape design solutions. We constantly explore new design concepts and incorporate innovative ideas into our projects to meet the evolving needs and wants of our clients. 

Our hardscaping contractors utilize a variety of popular hardscape systems such as patios, retaining walls, walkways and pathways, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and water features to bring our clients’ visions to life. A well-executed hardscape design can elevate the entire property, making it stand out from the competition and commanding a higher price in the market.

Get Permit

Now that  we have prepared your hardscape design plan, it’s time to take the next crucial step: submitting the permit application. It’s essential for us to be well-prepared to ensure a successful application. To expedite the permit application process:

  • Double-check all documentation for completeness and accuracy.
  • Proactively communicate with the local municipality for any clarifications or additional requirements.
  • Adhere to deadlines and submission timelines to prevent processing delays.
  • Be patient and prepared for potential back-and-forth communication with the permit office regarding your application.
Hardscaping Construction Company
Hardscaping Construction for Backyard

Smooth Construction

Hardscaping forms the foundation of your landscape design, providing defined spaces and enhancing outdoor living. Our dedicated hardscape project manager will lead your vision to turn into reality. Our extensive range of hardscape construction services includes patio installation, retaining wall construction, driveway paving, walkway and path installation, outdoor kitchen construction, and water features and fire pits. Careful material selection ensures both longevity and aesthetics, with a wide range available to suit your preferences. With our comprehensive services, your project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Reach out to us today to discuss your hardscape construction needs!

Future Care Guidelines

We provide hardscape repair services including crack repair, paver replacement, stone realignment, and structural repairs. To ensure the longevity of your hardscape features, regular maintenance is crucial. Here are some tips for effective hardscape maintenance:

  • Regularly inspect your hardscape for any signs of damage, such as cracks or loose pavers.
  • Clean your hardscape regularly to remove dirt, debris, and stains. Use gentle cleaning solutions and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Trim nearby vegetation to prevent root intrusion and minimize the risk of damage to your hardscape.
  • Protect your hardscape from extreme weather conditions by implementing appropriate preventive measures such as sealing the surfaces.
Hardscaping Contractor Toronto

Customers’ Also Ask For

What are the benefits of hardscaping?

These elements guarantee that your hardscape installation is not just visually appealing but also functional, durable, and enduring. Some of the benefits of Hardscaping:

  • Enhances the visual appeal of your outdoor space
  • Provides structure and delineates areas within your landscape
  • Improves the functionality and usability of your outdoor living areas
  • Reduces maintenance and upkeep compared to traditional landscaping
  • Increases property value and curb appeal
Do I need a permit for hardscaping in Toronto?

Based on hardscaping requirements, our team will help you clarify the picture during these 3 phases – consultation, budgeting & timeline, and get permit step. So, feel free to ask as many questions as you want during those stages. We love to assist you.

What are the reasons to obtain a hardscape contruction permit in the Greater Toronto Area?

By obtaining a permit, you ensure compliance with GTA guidelines, avoiding issues and gaining peace of mind about your project. Reasons to Obtain a Hardscape Construction Permit in the GTA:

  • Ensures safety and proper drainage
  • Adheres to local ordinances and regulations
  • Prevents fines and legal complications
  • Elevates the overall quality of life in the community
What is the application review process like?

The application review process involves evaluating your hardscape construction permit application, ensuring compliance with regulations, and making any necessary adjustments. Be prepared for potential delays as it may take some time.